What day is the Career Fair?

RLDC 2 Career Fair is Saturday, February 16.

Shipping Information

Shipping Info

We recommend shipping your materials to the hotel you are straying at. The main SHPE hotel is Irvine Marriott at 18000 Von Karman Avenue, Irvine, CA 92612. When shipping your items we recommend adding a note that you are shipping to “SHPE RLDC 2, and your company name.”

How do I register to attend RLDC?

The first step is to complete a commitment from on the last page of RLDC Brochure and confirm your sponsorship level and by sending the completed form to sales@shpe.org. The registration process for participating sponsors will be sent via email a week before RLDC. Please refer to the RLDC brochure for the amount of registration your team has. Please email sales@shpe.org if you need additional registrations or have any questions.

Logistics Contact Information for Committee Members

For any additional logistic questions please contact Jacky De Luna jmdeluna@uci.edu and Mersy Maradiaga mmaradia@uci.edu from the RLDC 2 Committee.

How do I sign up to present a workshop?

Sign up as a Gold, Platinum, or Premier sponsor for one guaranteed workshop.

Which sponsorship levels come with resume access?

Silver, Gold, Platinum and Premier level sponsors receive resume access. Resume access can be purchased separately for $750 although we highly encourage your organization to attend RLDC and meet with candidates face to face.

Which hotel should my team stay in?

SHPE has hotel blocks for sponsors at Irvine Marriott at 18000 Von Karman Avenue, Irvine, CA 92612. If you want to reserve a room at the Irvine Marriot, please email events@shpe.org.